Monday, June 28, 2021

selgasArt / Urban Glass

We are always looking for opportunities to serve and support our local neighbors, artist community, and the wider world of those interested in glass! Learn about all of our community programs and partnerships on a new page of our website, then head to the UrbanGlass blog to read more about recent programming. 


Saturday, June 26, 2021

selgasArt / UrbanGlass

UrbanGlass|ware welcomes Luz Arias and her gorgeous, vibrant, flameworked necklaces. See her entire collection on our store website and stop by our Agnes Varis Art Center to try them on in person!

Friday, June 18, 2021

selgasArt / Melt Point / HELLER Gallery


Melting Point is the degree when solid becomes soft, eventually becoming liquid and a boiling point is reached. Glaze melts, clay and glass soften, surface and form become pliable. This exhibition surveys a diverse group of artists whose use of the melting point is central to their practice. Used metaphorically, as the planet warms we are finding ourselves closer to the melting point both physically and socially. In 2020, forces combined under pressure of the COVID virus, politics exploded and nature responded with melting ice, raging fires and extreme weather. Likewise, artists use the melting point as a metaphor in their work to express their political beliefs and sound the alarm using the fragile materials of glass and ceramic. The exhibition is a collaboration between Heller Gallery, located New York City’s Chelsea and Ferrin Contemporary in North Adams, MA on the MASS MoCA campus. The co-curators and gallery directors are renowned specialists in their fields, Leslie Ferrin (ceramics) and Katya Heller (glass).


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

selgasArt / Garrison Art Center / Member Art Roundup!

Garrison Art Center is rounding up our members and your wonderful art to create an online show and sale on our website June 18 - July 4!

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Saturday, June 12, 2021

selgasArt / Garrison Art Center / Clay by Deb Lecce: "Two Brothers" Wood Fired Stoneware


Guardians of the Land,  a solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Deb Lecce. This is Ms. Lecce’s first solo exhibition in the Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center. The exhibition has been on view in the Balter Gallery since May 22 – June 20, 2021.

Deb Lecce is well known to the Hudson Valley and Garrison Art Center as a gifted ceramics artist and instructor, inspiring students and collectors with her skills and finely crafted ceramic works. Guardians of the Land is an exclusive collection of Lecce’s elegant ceramic animals that she hand builds with stoneware clay and fires in a variety of kilns, each producing a unique surface.

Lecce begins each sculpture with the belly of the animal adding coil upon coil of clay while paddling and stretching the clay to find the gesture and spirit of each individual work. Lecce talks about a contemplative mindset during the process of creating and the excitement and challenge that accompanies the transformation of the clay into “sentient” beings. One is struck by the varied earthen colors and patinas of each sculpture. Surfaces resemble stone with sumptuous gradations of rust to burnt umber or semi-gloss slate tones that are warm and inviting. Lecce’s favorite mode of firing is in the anagama wood firing kiln. The anagama kiln (a Japanese term meaning “cave kiln”) is thirty feet long, four feet high and four feet wide. The firing chamber has a firebox at one end and a flue at the other so that the heat and ash pass over the clay pieces before exiting through the flue creating patinas that Lecce refers to as “a kiss of fire and ash.” The firing takes place over seven days with a team of artists coming together and working towards a common goal: to facilitate and witness the magic that transforms their dried clay pieces into fine and durable ceramics. It is an annual event that Lecce looks forward to each year.
For more about Deb Lecce and her work please see the press release.