Wednesday, November 25, 2020

selgasArt / smallWORKS / Garrison Art Center


smallWORKS 2020, is a national juried biennial exhibition presenting seventy works selected from over five hundred entries. Works were not to exceed 12” in any direction. As always, the jury process was a challenge due to the high caliber of work received. This year’s esteemed juror was Paulien Lethen, a Dutch artist and gallery owner. Lethen opened Holland Tunnel Art Newburgh/Gallery and Studios in May of 2018 shortly after she became a resident of Newburgh, NY. Recognizing a lively local art community, she sets out to create a new place for exhibitions, performances, concerts, movie screenings and art studios. Our gratitude to Paulien Lethen for her careful selection of works which will create a dynamic and diverse exhibition. Excellence awards for best 2D and 3D work, as well as honorable mentions, will be announced the opening week of the show.
The artists selected for this year’s smallWORKS exhibition are as follows:
Lori Adams, Kathleen  Anderson, Sarah Balcombe, Ayako Bando, Mary Bates, Henri-Simon Blanc-Hoang, Debbie Broshi, Joel Brown, Jill Skupin Burkholder, Vivien Collens, Marcia Cooper, Darron Copeland, John Cox, Ivy Dachman, Shari Diamond, Lisa Diebboll, Alejandro Dron, Katharine Dufault, Mary Ellis, Alaina Enslen, Teri Figliuzzi, Ashley Garrett, Ruth Geneslaw, Lauren Hall, Jenny Hellman, Barbara Hertzfeld, Lynda Karanikolas, Irene Karlen, Polly King, Sharon Kullberg, Carole Kunstadt, Lisa Lackey, Michael Lavorgna, Glen Lieberman, Paul Marcellino, Jennifer Markovitz, Juliet Martin, Laura Martinez-Bianco, Mary McGuire, Judy Mensch, Tony Moore, David Munford, Thomas Munterich, Chantelle Norton, Sheilah Rechtschaffer, Steve Rossi, Barbara Rubensohn, Philippe Safire, Amy Schnintzer, Annie Shavere-Crandell, Maggie Small, Barbara Smith Gioia, Kari Smith, Annette Louise Solakoglu, SJ Sugarman, Holly Summer, Lita Thorne, Stuart Vance, Emily Vines, Michael Washburn, Anna West, Candace Winter, Kathy Yacoe, Rieko Yashiro, Cindy Zaglin, Judy Zehentner 
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Saturday, November 21, 2020

selgasArt / UrbanGlass

Ensure your buds thrive with the help of a Watering Pot by Lukas Milanak of Lukas Labs. Whether you’re an experienced plant parent or not, air plants and Amy Lemaire's terrariums made in collaboration with the Brooklyn Botanical Garden form a natural pair. Courtney McCloskey’s sleeved planters will bring all kinds of life and shades of color to your greenery. Rather than tossing your avocado pits, watch them sprout in the Avocado Vase, a best seller made by Jon Watanabe of Watanabe Glassworks.