Saturday, January 18, 2020

Garrison Art Center

Divergent Boundaries: Installation of digital works by Matt Frieburghaus 
Presence 2.0Works on Paper by Doug Navarra
The exhibitions will be in the Riverside Galleries from January 25 – March 1, 2020. 
Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, January 25, 5-7pm.
Drift by Matt Frieburghaus

Divergent Boundaries is a multi-media exhibition that transforms Garrison Art Center’s Gillette Gallery into a vibrant space of sight and sound. Frieburghaus deftly combines audio recordings, single channel video, objects generated by 3-D printers and dramatic Icelandic projections; all exploring landscapes of ice, water, land, and sky as a response to sensory experiences. Specifically, this body of work focuses on the light, land, and sounds recorded during three trips that Frieburghaus made to Iceland between 2014 and 2018 and reflects his continued interest in Icelandic sub and low-Arctic landscapes. His interest in defining place is accomplished through the overlap of the various media creating a kind of “collage/montage” of imagery that expresses the uniqueness and rapidly changing glacial landscape of Iceland today. The work  captures both the visual and sensory magic of this space and
its fragility. Press Release

Untitled by Doug Navarra

Presence 2.0 is an exhibition of mixed media works combining gouache, pencil, and ink onto vintage papers that Navarra finds and uses as a substrate and starting point for his work. The paintings are intimate and detailed filled with images of a bygone era that interact with marks, colors and shapes introduced by Navarra as a kind of call and response creating an interactive dialogue. Through the use of various mediums and his rich vocabulary of mark making, Navarra reconstructs these old documents to reflect his own intentions and narrative. He is inspired by the potential found in objects from the past and in retrieving a piece of history and reconfiguring it. Navarra playfully explores color, shape, and pattern as he weaves in and out of the existing compositions to transform ideas from the past into relevant concerns of today. Press Release