Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cut Copy / Meet Me In A House Of Love

Final Group Shot / Tertulia Latina / Jadite Galleries

Thanks a lot to “Tertulia Latina” and Jadite Galleries….everybody else on this picture, and those who couldn’t stay longer, for making possible such an interactive ‘artist / viewers’ encounter.
Thanks to Rodriguez Calero for the graphic covering of the whole event…meaning…thanks dear RoCa! 

Cepp Selgas / "Jibara" and "Guajira" (Lone Star series) 2014 / Jadite Galleries 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ride On The Train / Hollis Brown

Last Night At Tertulia Latina / Jadite Galleries No.2

All Photos by Rodriguez Calero

With Carl Rutberg, Ruperto Arvelo, Eliud Martinez, Nina Doran, and Gaddiel Lopez
Some of the gathering / "Tertulia Latina" at Jadite Galleries
With Carl and Ruperto

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The King's Speech

Last Night At Tertulia Latina / Jadite Galleries No.1

(above) Before my art on display at Jadite Galleries / Ruperto Arvelo and Gaddiel Lopez from "Tertulia Latina" giving (both) introduction speeches  about the "Tertulia" project and my long trajectory on the Fine Art field.  (below) Here I m in the middle of "The King's Speech"...kind of of situation...doing my best. / Photos by Rodriguez Calero