Sunday, October 7, 2012

New York State of Mind No.12 / Daffy's...End of an Era

Practically, Daffy's have been a New Yorker' unique phenomena since 1961, with another NJ-based discount retailer in Secaucus. I knew stores were waiting for a final date for the company's liquidation any time soon.
Acting on a completed state of delusion I postponed the shooting of some pictures, because I was planning to take them on those days when my beloved stores were about to be 'really' finally gone ...because at first it was still too hard for me to take as a whole. Today they are all gone for ever and I don't have a picture from my own camera.
 In one school book when I was a kid in my native Cuba, October was depicted as 'the' rainy month, but somehow after all these years, for me October had become...just a crying-rainy month.

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