Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ophiuchus-Ofiuco / As per Ophiuchus' Year / 2012

Cepp Selgas / "Ophiuchus" / Acrylic-crayon on paper / 8X8in. / 2009

Through the present year I've been publishing my New Century collection of not twelve, but thirteen' signs from the modern Zodiac here in my blog.
All images were coming from my original show "The 13th Sign" at Jadite Galleries in New York 2010
So, today we are at the first day under the infamous Ophiuchus / Ofiuco' era. These two pictures (above and below) are my rendition of Ophiuchus as the contemporary digital sign-serpent or snake-like entity biting it self.  

Cepp Selgas / " Luminous Ophiuchus" / Assemblage / 24X36in. / 2009 

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