Friday, December 7, 2012

Before Night Falls / Reinaldo Arenas

Jorge Martin, Cepp Selgas and Mercedes Mestre.

For famous Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, his 'fiction' character Clara Mortera was his 'evil' alter ego.
In real life Clara Mortera is the magnificent Cuban painter: Clara Morera.
By the 70's decade Reinaldo was my next block neighbor in Havana.  My neighbor across the street in Manhattan by the 80's.
Just by chance I was involved in making possible the historic meeting with Clara and renowned American artist-and-filmmaker Julian Schnabel at Gustavo Valdés NJ'ARS Atelier Galleries, when "Before Night Falls" (the movie) was about to hit production. "Before Night Falls" was Reinaldo's autobiographical novel, later becoming a movie and also an opera.
And just by chance again (at a recent party) I had the pleasure of meeting Cuban-born composer Jorge Martin, the musician and author of the beautiful and successful opera, based on "Before Night Falls".

Reinaldo Arenas committed suicide on December 7, 1990. A day like today, twenty two years ago.

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