Monday, June 23, 2014

New York State of Mind No.18 / Zoeños

This Spring I'm carrying with me "Todo para una sombra" by Zoé Valdés.
"Z"oé is in my "A" list of favorite poets of all times.
I' m reading this 'luxury' re-edition mostly while riding the Subway in New York. One can say these are 'love poems', basically, but with a very intelligent 'twist'.
To get up to 207 St train station I usually pass by "The Dyckman House Museum", always regretting not having a camera with me to take pictures of the 'Cherri Blossoms'  in season. 
It happens that just recently, Zoé sent me this photograph, one of a series of paintings she is working on after her recent trip to Japan. Wow!


  1. Querida, gracias por tus geniales poemas, y Zoeños.

  2. Art that enhances the mind. Both of you, Madame Valdés y el Maestro Selgas. Que sigan elevando la mente..
    Felicitaciones y gracias.