Sunday, August 10, 2014

New York State of Mind No.25

"Ophiuchus" / A great photograph  by Michaelangelo Di Nonno / 2010

Here in New York City at Jadite Galleries I had a Solo Show, “The 13th Sign”,  in 2010.  It was all about the classic Zodiac, the whole twelve signs plus the ‘intrusive’ Ophiuchus.
"Ophiuchus" was a luminous assemblage depicting a ‘digital sing’ “@“ as the snake baiting it’s own tail .
One of the last days on show, by accident, it fall down to the floor and ended no completely broken but seriously damaged. It took me four years to find the way of mending it. Now "Ophiuchus" is back…as luminous as back then but...pretty smaller.

"Ophiuchus" / My 'just for the record' photo / 2014

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