Saturday, January 7, 2017

New York State Of Mind No. 54

If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere!

(Recent past) The beginning of a great adventure with Eddy Diaz Sousa and Marcia Arencibia, "Artefactus Cultural Project" in New York City / Photo by Leandro Peraza.
1970, was the year I met Ernesto Briel, a well known pioneer of the ’Op-Art’ in Cuba and a famous actor as well.  Since then I use to mingle with many of the Havana’s cultural elite.  Brilliant writer, Luis Agüero among them, witch ‘actually’ happens to be married to the great actress Marcia Arencibia, one of ‘the spectacular four’ actors among Belkis Proenza, Jorge Ovies and Leandro Peraza, in “Mañana es una palabra”, with the awesome direction of Eddy Diaz  Sousa, also its playwright. 

“Artefactus Cultural Project” was invited to the “Sexto Festival de Teatro Hispano”.  My dear friend Luis Agüero asked me to welcome them to New York.  Personally I didn’t know them, but somehow knew it was going to be a great experience!…and I certainly had the best of time.  And “Mañana es una palabra”... A BIG NUMBER ‘ONE’…CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. Gracias amigo querido,lo mejor ha sido encontrarte y,que seas asi,como tu eres,ecepcional pintor,y maravilloso ser humano

  2. Dear Marcia...mi suerte haber participado de la 'Las aventuras en Nueva York con el Teatro Artefactus' "1 # One"...+ infinitum!

  3. Coincido con Marcia, lo mejor ha sido conocerte y tenerte un rato, viajando y aventurándonos por las calles de Nueva York. Un abrazo grande, dear Jesús.