Tuesday, June 12, 2018


We've got a lot in store for you this season. Register for a class and explore the endless possibilities of glass this Summer.

Experience Glass Day | June 16, 10 - 8 pm Sign up for an introductory, two-hour private lesson with one of our expert instructors. Suitable for up to two peopleDiscover your hidden talent!

Piece It Together: Stained Glass Design | June 16 & 1710-5 pm Join us in making your first ever stained glass object. Students will learn basic skills for working with flat glass, like cutting, copper foil and solder as well as discuss simple stained glass design. Sign up now!

Our Summer Camps are now online with options for Weekend All-ages Camps or Week-long Youth Camps in flameworking, glassblowing, fusing, and more! Sign up for two and get a discounted rate!

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