Sunday, August 12, 2018

Garrison Art Center / The Riverside Galleries

Riverside Galleries from August 11 through September 9

Melinda Stickney-Gibson - SOME STORIES...., and Victoria Thorson - BassWood Bodies, two abstract artists, whose medium and approach are very different, but whose passion and expertise resonate through each work.

Melinda Stickney-Gibson, NOW WHAT?, 2018, oil on linen with steel rod and hangers, 80x84
The bold and intricate surfaces of Melinda Stickney-Gibson's paintings and painted "tapestries" reveal a personal and graphic approach to abstraction. Stickney-Thorson often incorporates tiny bits of writing from her own journals, writing by others, and universal words such as "yes" "maybe" "no" "her" etc.

Victoria Thorson, Kimono, Ceramic on wood base, 21x7x4"
Victoria Thorson works intuitively on sculptures that tread a line between recognizable form and pure abstraction. Working mostly with basswood, repurposed wood and metal, visitors will see the evolution of Thorson's visual language as some of her earlier ceramics will also be featured in the show.

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