Wednesday, January 30, 2019

selgasArt / Tapestry (6)

"El paisaje" (tapestry) is one of my last pieces done in Habana-1977, shortly after a group of my creations were awarded a first Prize by the 'Museo de Artes Decorativas' early same year; and in 1978 made its way to USA among several gouache on paper works, dated early 70s; brought to New York thanks to an advise coming from a family member visiting Cuba under 'La Comunidad Cubana' program: first time (since 1959) 'communist Cuba' allowing 'nationals'  exiled to visit their own country. At the end, the idea of having some of my art in USA did work perfectly in my favor since 'The Mariel Boatlift' event back in 1980. 

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