Friday, February 1, 2019

selgasArt / Tapestry-Some (2)

"La Habana para una Infanta difunta" is an sculpture-assemblage  made out of men's belts as a 'Hoop skirt' secured by screws and nuts.  On top; atresso for the hard base-of-torso, and peplum  cover by 'my own web work' using hemp rope treated with heavy medium acrylic, decorated by metal-nuts as 'pretend-Jewellery' and a carved-wooden hand holding an already-made Cuban flag.
The title plays a phonetic trick on  Ravel's "Pavana para una Infanta difunta". 'Infanta' is (was) also a major Avenue in Havana's so well known 'glorious past' before the actual nightmare.

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