Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 2010 Zoe' Calendar / June - Juin

Cepp Selgas / Ophelia / Acrylic on canvas / 20X40in. / 2008.

Obviously the silhouette of a tragic Shakespearean Ophelia, is the Cuban island.
On this painting not only Ophelia is Cuba. The wrapping drape around the corpse is composed obsessively by many little Yin&Yang-like Cubas. Also the painted frame.
Combining my M.C. Escher' influence, with the purpose of producing a piece where beauty and tragedy can meet in a harmonic way, was my goal. Some like in the corpus of work of my very admired Gustav Klimt.
You see; a little of Escher, Klimt, maybe a little of Alma Tadema...and a lot of myself. Just in case you wanted to know.


  1. Yo si quiero saber. Gracias por permitirme comprender mejor su proposito. Sigo siendo una admiradora de su arte y debe saber que pienso incluir a Ud. entre los artistas que les presentare a mis estudiantes en el otono. Ahora que yo se un poco mas, ellos podran aprender mas.

  2. Hermoso cuadro, pero esa Ofelia es más sensual que trágica. Saludos.