Friday, December 17, 2010


Cepp Selgas / Babalú / Oil on muslin / 52X52in. / 1990.

For all Cubans everywhere, today it's Dia de San Lázaro - Babalú Day. Yes!...the same "Ricky Ricardo' Babalú".
This day always takes me back to kind-of-a-funny memory. Back in time when I asked my mother if I could beg "Babalú" the favor of breaking some horrible-schoolmate' legs. She answered me; no, no he does not break legs...he cures broken legs! - Pity, I said...and still saying.
Yet there is another pleasant one. Some time ago my beloved former-art teacher and great Cuban master Antonia Eiríz, browsing through my Gallery Genesis' catalogue, appointed this Babalú illustrating today' post, as "my best piece" so far then. Not bad for my first Saint Lazarus ever.

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