Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AKC Gazette / My Mailbag Logo

The image above is from 1986, and just came out of my scanner few minutes ago. It it was taken directly from it's old original artwork, the way we use to do it in the world of yesterday. Even though we had the earliest Macintosh at the Gazette Art Department since 1984.
As a fact, it wasn't until 1995, with Windows-95 that the "digital-new way" begun to takeover the graphic world. Same year I left the graphic design field. Eleven years after in 2006, I had my first own laptop computer. Now, I'm back to this ever-changing technology and still repeating to myself...I'm too old for this!.
Anyway, thanks to this new technology I have been able to publish my "selgasArt-portfolio" so far.
Now, talking about the image above. It seems to be (from the apreciation of others and mine), one of my stronger graphic piece among many I produced in my eleven years working for the AKC Gazette. Prove of it is it's ever lasting permanence as the logo for the section Mailbag up today.
Through all these years this logo (my "Mona Lisa" design) it's being used as a subjet for a rich variation of colors, as we can see in the two sample images below.

At least for this, it looks like somethig appears "permanent' in this ever-changing world of us.

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