Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 / The Show

Cancer, 1975/Signos magazine/Cuba,1976.

Ophiuchus, 2009.

In the early 70s I began to work on The Zodiac. My idea was to complete all 12 signs. While I have done many, never got to do them all. In the next two month I will turn 58 and will exhibit at Jadite Galleries, NYC for the first time all 12 signs plus Ophiuchus, the infamous 13th sign.
Every 26,000 years, Ophiuchus appears; this time around in the midst of enigma and controversy.
Some believe it would mark the end of humankind, as proposed in the new movie 2012, to be released tomorrow.
I believe it would mark the birth of a new era; reason why I represent Ophiuchus in the shape of the digital sign "@".

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