Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ernesto Briel & the Geometric Abstraction

Ernesto Briel / Cuba, 1943 / USA, 1992.


November 7 marks the 66th birthday of the late Cuban master Ernesto Briel. E. Briel has been credited with being one of the first to produce (and introduce) Op Art in Cuba, in the 1960s. To celebrate this anniversary, art historian and independent curator Gustavo Valdes has released a CD ROM dedicated to the life and work of this distinguished artist. The volume contains an essay authored by Valdes along with years of critical acclaims and reviews, a detailed curriculum vitae, a large inventory of the artist’s career through images of Briel’s oeuvre and personal photos of his travels and exhibitions. Those interested in acquiring a copy may contact Gustavo Valdes at


  1. I'm glad you are putting it out there. Congratulations to Gustavo Valdés for his excellent work. Briel's body of work is impressive. Great post.

  2. I placed a link on my twitter.

  3. Gracias, Diana, por ponernos en contacto con gustavo para poder comprar el CD. Siempre he sido una admiradora de Briel y Selgas.
    Estoy emocionada ante tanta historia sobre el arte de estos amigos a quienes siempre he admirado.

  4. Qué belleza de obra y de hombre ese Briel, gracias.

  5. El que le escribe es Jorge Fornes que forme parte del Grupo Cubano de Arte Optico en el año 1976 junto con Elena Serrano, Ernesto Briel y Morales. Estudiamos juntos en la Escuela de Diseño en Cuba. Gracias por mantener vivo su arte, Saludos.