Wednesday, November 25, 2009


With time I have come to understand the celebration of Thanksgiving as the equivalent of Violeta Parras' Gracias a la vida.
I’m also aware of how lucky I have been throughout all my life for having some very special friends. In this great country I learned the concept of the friend who is willing to go "the extra mile".
Going back to memory land, I remember a few that fit in this category; some who fought battles for me such as my dear art teacher and a monster of Cuban art Antonia Eiriz, my psychologist and humanist Alberto Edreira, and the Cuban "micro universe" that was Samuel Feijoo.
I have lived long enough in the USA to have gained long lasting, "extra mile" kind of friendships in this my adopted country: my dear Margaret Hoh "Peggy", former manager of the AKC Gazette, and Gustavo Valdés -who when I lost Ernesto- stood by me and who is my “partner in crime”... in all criminal acts of art.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I could not possibly put any more feeling towards my gratitude to you for allowing me to share with you some incredibly magical moments in the name of friendship and art.

  2. Llego tarde, pero espero que te hayas cenado el guanajo. Besos.