Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lady With The Unicorn Tapestries / My Own French Connection / A Visit

At Saint Michael Square, on my way to The Cluny Museum, Paris.

I first visited Paris in 1988 with Ernesto Briel, after that we made other trips to this city back and forth on our way to Berlin, for "the fall of the wall" celebration in 1990.
And later in 1993 and 1995. In all these occasions I visited many museums and historical places, but never The Cluny Museum. Peculiar situation because, I have been a tapestry-maker myself and in New York, I actually live at few steps from The Cloisters; house of two of "The Unicorn" tapestries group (supposedly).
As far as I know; there are six pieces of The Lady with the Unicorn at The Cluny Museum in Paris, and two more of The Hunt of the Unicorn at The Cloisters in New York.

A detail from one of the Cluny Museum' six panels of The Lady with the Unicorn.

Establishing a narrative sequence among the eight tapestries is problematic, because the Start of the Hunt and The Unicorn in Captivity are in a style entirely different from the other six at The Cluny Museum.
This fact has been variously interpreted as indicating that these two panels were designed by a different artist, woven in a different workshop, added to the series at a later date, or not part of the series at all.

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