Sunday, July 4, 2010

American Citizen / Yankee Go Home...with me

This picture is from 1965 when I was 14 years old. It was intended to go on my passport; if...all legal procedures with the Cuban Emigration authority turned out successful, but they didn't. Simply because my age then was to close to 16; the fatalistic age when Young males of the "New Revolution" serve in the "Mandatory Military Service" by law. A law that affected the majority of Cuban families anxious to leaving the country. Practically a blackmail that worked wonders for a government that at the same time "changed" the Cuban currency; from "equal to dollars" to a new "Peso" that worth nothing, still.
All this made us prisoners of an island where "Yankee Go Home" sadly became our daily "National Hymn" for ever and without hope, so far.
Reason why after I saw this offensive slogan turned so cleverly around (in the infamous movie "One Angry Inch") always make me smile with satisfaction.

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