Saturday, July 23, 2011

FIT /!

Three months ago, when I found myself coming up with ideas about lighting, in the middle of an unavoidable candid picture’ session for a kind of impromptus goodbye party honoring my Philosophy History' teacher from longtime ago; the idea of publishing my FIT' Photography Portfolio came about. This is my final post on the subject.

Black and white photos are an odd decision in this modern world of ours, and when such decision is made for candid pictures, we are in a dangerous mental zone, one could say. But I think that candid pictures work wonders for the young the beautiful and children. For a man of a certain age, flash is practically an unwanted insult in your face, I say.
Reason why these pictures for the final note on my FIT' Photography Portfolio are more like staged portraits, than spontaneous shots. The opening photo is a black and white conversion from color; mainly to keep the unity of the portfolio.
The man behind the camera was the very cooperative Rafael DiazCasas, my neighbor and a very close friend of my admired former teacher, Miguel Sanchez.

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