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Kim White'Class on Selgas'Art/Culver Academies

Kim White is a Master Instructor at Culver Academies in north-central Indiana, a private boarding school comprised of Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy. Students are in grades 9 through 12 and come from all over the U.S. as well as a variety of other countries.

I had three days left before the start of Winter Break. What could I do in my Spanish 4 Hispanic Art class to capture and hold the attention of 11 boarding school students, their thoughts already on vacation. Why not feature the three Cuban artists I had found, each with his own fascinating style? I set to work. The first two days went well but the last day before a vacation is always the most difficult and I had decided to feature (Jesús) Cepp Selgas as the artist of that day. He was such a hit that he made me look good, and upon their return a month later, I asked them to pick a Selgas from the gallery that they liked the best and write about the work.

Anna Rich, 12th, Culver, IN
Pienso que Jesús Selgas es el más moderno con su arte. Es interesante como él usa las Infantas de Velázquez, y me gusta esta versión. Parece simple, pero se que hay bastante creatividad en esta pintura. Esto tiene mucho sentido.

Morgan Boundy, 12th, Midland, MI
A mi me encanta la pintura de Jesús Selgas con la Infanta Velazqueña. En la pintura el emplea una Infanta y un santo. El emplea la forma de un reloj de arena; es muy diferente de artistas normales. La pintura representa un cruce de calles en La Habana. Me gusta la pintura porque la princesa está muy bonita y joven y el santo tiene una corona de sol. La princesa y el santo tienen el mismo tamaño porque Selgas pinta los rayos de la corona del santo, muy grande. Los colores del santo son negro y café y los colores de la princesa son blanco y amarillo.

Christa Finley, 12th, Plymouth, IN
Mi obra favorita es Escape por Jesús Selgas. Es una declaración política. El tatuaje es inesperado. La pintura captura el desafío de los inmigrantes, pero él lo cambia por una cosa hermosa y rara. La cinta flotante representa el mar, pero más dócil. Selgas hermosea la inmigración. Lo mejor de esta obra es la autenticidad.
Selgas ha usado realismo fantástico, pero el tema es completamente obvio.

More notes coming soon!

The students who wrote these pieces are in their fourth year of Spanish, none of them native speakers of the language. The Spanish 4 Advanced Hispanic Art course is an eight-week course taught entirely in the target language and features a variety of 20th and 21st century artists, most from Latin America.

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  1. Wow this is amazing! This sounds so interesting, and Anna, I loved your insight. It is wonderful to see all of these accomplished students.