Friday, February 12, 2010

Roger Salas / Dressed to Dance

Guggenheim Museum / Flamenco Festival Rotunda Performance

Roger Salas (back-stage) showing me his own design of "Village woman" for "Bodas de sangre", inspired by the drawings of Federico Garcia Lorca.

My dear friend Roger, and I, standing before five bullfighter's capes, designed by Pablo Picasso.

Despite the extreme winter weather conditions, more people than the Guggenheim Museum could take, showed up for this event that turned out to be a completed success.
With a prior special historical presentation by El País dance critic Roger Salas, the foremost Spanish dance and costume historian; Dressed to Dance took place in the New Media Theater.
This was a "One Night Show Only"; with sixty costumes including historic designs by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí with a magnificent dance performance/runway exhibition in the Guggenheim’s rotunda. Choreographed by Carlos Chamorro and directed by Margaret Jova, the performance featured costumed dancers including María Pagés and Company, Rocío Molina and Company, Manuel Liñan, and others from Flamenco Festival 2010.
Dressed to Dance (Wednesday, February 10, 2010) was sponsored and made possible by the Regional Government of Madrid. Additional support provided by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


  1. Me alegro MUUUUUUUUUCHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mas que historiador y critico, Salas es un artista inmenso, un creador fuera de orbita, inalcanzable. Lamente mucho no haber podido asistir esa noche. De seguro, y bajo la vision unica de Salas, nunca antes la cola de una bata flamenca habia encontrado mejor entorno para girar que dentro de la estupenda espiral de Lloyd Wright que es el Guggenheim. Bravo Roger.