Friday, May 21, 2010

Oblivion No.1 / En busca del arte perdido...

…Busco noticias sobre obras de arte perdidas de Ernesto Briel y mías, durante la infortunada travesía marítima ; Puerto Rico –USA, 1997.
Just by chance a few months ago I found an Internet publication at The Housatonic Museum of Art web site titled "Writing about Art". It was written by Amy Stein and Stephanie Hart and it includes a reproduction of my painting "Mater Gratia Plena III" as one of various non-traditional shaped canvas in this museum's collection. The handbook is meant to be a practical guide for instructors who wish to take advantage of this museum’s art program.
Besides the excitement and pride that such a finding gave me, I soon remembered the sad passage in my life when once more I was leaving an island to come to the USA continent but this time it was 1997 and the island was Puerto Rico.
Mater Gratia Plena III / Oil on muslin /41X24in.1989 / Housatonic Museum of Art Collection.

I usually recall this chapter of my life as a time when I came back to the States half blind, half homeless and half dead. I didn't have the strength or the presence of mind to struggle with the shipping company’s poor service in transporting back my art as well as that of Briel’s. Some pieces were lost along with other items. Forcing my brain to think back through the years I realize that I lost more than I'm capable of remembering.
Mater Gratia Plena II / Oil on muslin / 44X28in. / 1989. (Oblivion)

Finding "Mater Gratia Plena III" triggered my thoughts to the many other pieces from this series. I'm going to try to use my "selgasArt" blog as a sort of "Lost&Found". I’ll publish images from my repository to rescue them from oblivion.
Mater Gratia Plena I / Oil on muslin / 38X22in. / 1989. (Oblivion)

Good Bye / Oil on muslin / 81X36in. / 1989. (Oblivion)

I am longing to find out the whereabouts of my lost pieces. I’ll be grateful to receive any news if possible from others.

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